It’s time for your business to relocate to a new facility, but what about the furnishings and equipment that comes with making a move?

Not every piece of furniture or equipment will make the cross over from your old space to your new facility. Sometimes, you have to let go of the old and embrace the new, or relocate knowing your old furnishings will be replaced with more efficient ones. What do you as a business owner do with your older equipment now that it’s no longer of use in your new space?

Total Office Solutions understands the unique challenge business owners face when relocating with outdated or unnecessary equipment. That’s why we’re proud to offer efficient and cost-effective liquidation services tailored to each of our clients’ relocations. We’ll work with you to create a structured liquidation plan which will help you streamline your new space without losing money on your old equipment. Liquidation is the perfect solution for relocations which cannot accommodate current equipment or which will involve installing new furnishings and technology. Contact Total Office Solutions today to discover how our Liquidation services can work for your business.