Furniture Solutions Now

Every new space requires the right furniture and equipment to effectively organize your workspace and increase productivity. But sourcing furniture for your new space can add additional stress to the relocation process.

With Total Office Solutions, we provide our clients with access to a variety of furniture solutions to compliment their relocation project. Whether you’re seeking brand new furniture, would like to rent short-term equipment, or are interested in selling outdated pieces, we’ll work with you to determine your needs, sourcing the best equipment and furniture pieces for your space. We work with our clients to help them source all manners of furniture and provide solutions for renting, leasing, or owning their workspace equipment. Our 75,000 square-foot showrooms across Texas give our clients access to the equipment they need and provide them a plethora of options to furnish their new spaces.

From seating and cabinets to conference tables and reception area equipment, our furniture solution services are tailored to meet your unique needs!