Our sweet spot; Middle to little markets

Office Furniture Plus exists to focus on the “small to middle market” client opportunity. It is designed to provide a wide array of furniture options; new, used, economically advantageous, short lead times, available now. The Office Furniture Plus teams are skilled at fast transaction; start with hello, quickly determine needs, prep or order, end of up installing to perfection.

We provide our client with access to just about everything they can imagine in the business office furniture world; new, used, refurbed, repurposed from their own inventory; sometimes all blended together for the least and most manageable expense.

Offices, Cubicles, Seating, Conference Solutions, Breakrooms, Reception areas; if you need it, we have it. Aside from “I need furniture”, you may need culture change help. Every new office brings the opportunity to support your organization’s desired culture change. That change might just be “newer”, might be to entice applicants to want to work there, might be to conform to new business world norms. In any event the office environment design task can seem daunting; you have a piece of blank “paper” in your mind, lots of ideas, not sure how to process them. Right there is where Office Furniture Plus can be of value to you, working with you or working with you and your architectural and desire partner.

We are proud to offer the stellar array of services which will provide you with product, services, and “boom”, a new business home.

Esthetically Pleasing, Functional “Environments by Design”

Great work environments consist of three things; Leadership, Teams, Great Furniture. Our opportunity is to listen to you, work with you to match your Leadership vision and your Team’s vision with the furniture lines, furniture options, fit and finishes that support your work style, culture, your future.

We listen to you, work with you to find the right blend of new, new to you, and perhaps repurpose what may be yours already.

Our success is defined by your success in and from your exciting new offices!

New Office Furniture

and many more……

Used Office Furniture

Used Bookcases
Used Cubicles & Workstations
Used Filing Cabinets
Used Office Chairs
Used Office Decor & Lighting
Used Office Desks
Used Office Tables
Used Reception Desks

New Office Furniture

The following links represent many of the nearly three hundred manufacturers that we represent. Some are niche, some are obscure, some are not listed in these columns. Note that every firm listed below is a link to that firm’s website.