Plastic Moving Crates – Our signature crates are easy to move

Move Solutions switched away from using cardboard boxes in our moves to sturdy plastic reusable crates more than 20+ years ago. Not only were we the first moving company in Texas to use crates, we were also one of the founding members of the United States to make the switch. Crates, unlike wasteful cardboard, are economical for the environment. Our switch from boxes to crates eliminates up to 20,000 pounds of waste from our landfills each month. Nationwide, moving crates have helped prevent almost 1 billion pounds of waste from going into the landfill each year alone. In keeping with a “green” attitude, our packaging methods now include reusable packing materials, minimal shrink-wrap, and minimal tape to cut down on disposal at the job site.

Not only do our signature red crates offer 33% more storage capacity in comparison to cardboard boxes, they are easier to fill, crushproof, and provide more security for your property. Our signature crates are theft proof, waterproof, topple proof, and painless to move. It is our policy that we do not let anyone, you, your employees, or ours, to lift a loaded crate. Instead, crates are loaded onto dollies, which are then pushed to the truck, and delivered to the final destination.

Once your move date is set, one of our trained office moving staff will come into your office and teach your employees how to most efficiently pack a moving crate. By teaching the proper way to load a crate, we are able to help consolidate the amount of ‘stuff’ your employees are moving. In the meantime, to help you prepare, please download the printer friendly handouts below.

Move Solutions Office Moving Crates offer you unparalleled security, elimination of risk of damage, and efficient office moving methodology