What Does Your Office Moving Project Need?


We Provide ALL of Those Services!

Office move planning, office furniture sales, tech moves, office moving, office furniture liquidation, facility decommission

total office solutions, llp

The total office solutions, llp family of commonly owned companies provide a client with a resource rich “toolbox”, tools that can be used one at a time or all at the same time. ask about our multi-company project managers.

brasstacks tech enabled

One seamless application providing web centric mobile client / supplier portal. A totally transparent proposal, work order, invoice, services client interaction platform; used as a teamwork tool by tos, clients, suppliers alike.

TOS; the invisible

With 30+ years of leading safe, dependable businesses, best in class business insurances protecting our clients, and by having the best of class resources, Total Office Solutions has many qualities that the eye doesn’t see!

corporate source, ltd.

CSL skilled designers, using world class manufacturers Kimball, National, AIS, JSI, VIA, KI Architectural Wall, and hundreds more, bring you the esthetic, efficient, and productive office environment of your choice.

furniture solutions now, ltd.

Focused on the “middle / little” office market; new, pre-owned, and refurb options that are economy advantages, furniture immediately available or short lead times, installed at your site. Own, lease, rent; your space, temp space, swing space.

move solutions, ltd.

Thirty years of experience, dramatic employee / equipment resource, references; small through giant projects, enterprise relationships, MAC services; msl does it all. Property managers love us.

TechTeam technical services

Respectful of client critical IT needs, we average 2,000 pc / server / peripheral disconnect and reconnects a month, seasoned field tech service leadership and technician team.

final clean

Let us give your space a final clean before you hand it back to your landlord. Our skilled technicians can take any space and make it new again.

liquidation services

Have unwanted furniture? Let us do an inventory analysis, an asset appraisal, offer removal services, and figure out how to repurpose your assets.

decommission services

Our decommission services include liquidation, analysis, appraisal, removal, and repurposing plans.

furniture services now, dba

Existing furniture repair, refinish, refurbish, and upholster, saving you money while blending your existing with your new choices. At project’s end we buy, remove, repurpose your previous furniture to lease requirement.

ff&e; hotels, schools, healthcare

We have receiving, delivering, installing ff&e for schools, hotels, and hospitals down to a science; our experience is invaluable.