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Contract Furniture

Corporate Source, Ltd.

Step Forward with Confidence. Corporate Source provides you and your design partners with customizable, end-to-end services and resources to turn imagination into reality.

Mid-Market Furniture

Office Furniture Plus, Ltd.

When it comes to office furniture, you don’t just need desks, tables, and chairs. We help you find the environment that allows your team’s very best qualities to rise to the top.


TechTeam Solutions, Ltd.

Your one-stop resource for data, voice and audio/visual cabling, wire management, PC disconnect/reconnect, server relocation, and IT equipment inventory management.

Office Move

Move Solutions, Ltd.

Move Solutions provides office and business moving with precise coordination and protection of assets. One point of contact. Consistent project management. Superior service.

Furniture Liquidation

Furniture Services Now, Ltd.

When it’s time to liquidate your “leave behinds” and decommission your office, our start-to-finish services assure lease-compliant space return to landlord.

Helping Hands Post Project

Office Boy, Ltd.

No Notice, No Minimums. When you need to get things done in your workspace, Office Boy is ready to serve. We are your hands-on helper for assembly, rearranging, & more.

Why is Total Office Solutions Valuable?

Process · Transparency · Resources “Anywhere”©

37+ years leading safe, dependable businesses

Our commitment to quality, combined with our experience, makes us the ideal choice for businesses looking for a partner they can rely on.

Best of class business insurances

We offer comprehensive coverage and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are fully protected when we are on a job for our clients.

Best of class resources serving clients

Unparalleled focus on proactively mitigating risks, our clients can have peace of mind knowing their assets and interests are in safe hands.

37+ years of expecting the unexpected

Our team is equipped to handle any challenge that comes our way, allowing us to navigate even the toughest of surprises with relative ease.

1. Contract Furniture

1. Mid-Market Furniture

2. Technology

3. Office Move

4. Furniture Liquidation

5. Helping Hands


Family-owned and operated since 1987, our motto has always been, “We work for you—with you.” We believe partnering with clients to meet their individual needs is a large part of what makes our success your success.

We Only Serve Businesses; Locally, Regionally, Nationally, “Anywhere”©

Where Can Our “Anywhere”© Companies Serve You?

Whether you are moving your business across town, the country, the world, you need an expert at your elbow working for you with you. History has proven over and over that Total Office Solutions is that expert.

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