Your Local and National Office Mover!

We can PLAN with you, FURNISH you, TECH with you, MOVE you, and DECOMMISSION you.

We are a Local and National provider of MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) and Project Office-Moving Services.

Though we are your project’s last supplier, we are in many ways the least expensive and most important.

With your space built, you can trust us to take you out of and put you back into business per schedule.

We have never failed to respect that trust.

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TechEnabled Office Moving; Transparent, Now, Anywhere on the Planet!

How Do We Serve Your Needs and Wants?

Move Solutions is the largest quality provider of commercial moving services in Texas, one of the largest in the Nation. Our tenured teams, our-flexible yet rigidly adherent attention to thirty-five years of office moving Tech Enabled process tools development act as a “third person” in your relationship with us; a person whose job it is to ensure performance, quality, economics, and results. Our Nationally renowned “BrassTacks™” process software manages, acts as an early warning tool, provides real-time transparent communication to us, you, project partners alike.

Office Moving is one service of several that every project needs. All services and products are provided by employed teams and owned equipment. We are vertically integrated; single platform quality and control work for you as a result. Keywords: transparent, real-time information available anywhere that you are.

Our “Move Solutions“ to “Your Needs and Wants“!

Commercial Moving Services | Local and Nationwide Office Moving

Move Solutions Services; Working With You; For You!

Smart Questions You Should Ask

Essential questions to be asked of office moving service providers. The answers to these questions will protect you from unpleasant drama, project failure and financial loss.

TechEnabled Process

Flexible yet rigid process adherence is our Service Ethos. Anything done right gets done due to systematic process, training to that process, managing to that process. Process Protects You!

Listening And Planning

The key to every successful office move is meeting expectations. Expectations are set at the start of our process. Detail, schedule, communicational all necessary for a successful move.

Project Management

Personal attention to every detail is key to saving you time and money. You will have your own personal project manager by your side to help insure success.

Property Protection

Our Insured, Background Checked teams will pre-walk your Origin, Destination spaces and buildings. We then install property protection in respect of you, of your Property Manager. Zero damage is our normal!

Shredding, eWaste Disposal

Pre-Move, In-Move, Post-Move purging and shredding of unneeded records, assets, electronic assets of every kind. Includes documented destruction certification.

Stack-N-Pack No-Lift Crates

Our signature red moving crates have revolutionized office moving. They’re economical, crush-proof, and secure. We also provide cardboard moving boxes in every size.

PC Peripheral De/Re Services

We de/re 3,500 PC a month! Let our experienced technical staff provide knowledgeable pairs of hands while your team focuses on server transition plans.

Furniture Solutions

Our W2 employed, trained, very experienced Furniture Installation teams uninstall, reconfigure, install all major furniture systems.

Moving Your Firm

The physical part of your move means that it is time to take you out of business and then put you back in business; in a timely and professional manner.

Project Final Clean

Why worry about cleaning your vacated office, when we can handle it for you? Our white-glove services will exceed your final lease requirements.

Liquidation – Decommission

You have moved into a new space. Your old property manager wants his space back the way he gave it to you. We do that for you; lease compliant, easy.

Project Completion Process. Project Review. Timely, Accurate Invoicing.

You. Total Office Solutions. Anwyhere.

Where Can Our “AnyWhere” Serve You?

Total Office Solutions’ Local, National, International Business Moving

Get a quote today to get started on your next Anywhere business move need.

Whether you are moving your business across town, the country, the world, you need an expert at your elbow working for you with you. History has proven over and over that Total Office Solutions is that expert.

For over thirty-five years our clients have relied on Total Office Solutions for rigidly adherent, process driven office moving services. Our three favorite words are Stable and Predictable and Anywhere! You want them to be yours as well.

National Moves, Adds, Changes, Project Services
We provide Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) and Project
services throughout the country and Canada. Transparent, Real Time, Guaranteed.