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For over thirty-five years, thousands of clients have relied on Total Office Solutions Solutions for rigidly adherent, process-driven office moving services. Our three favorite words are Stable, Predictable and Anywhere! You want them to be yours as well. Below are a few case studies that demonstrate our exceptional service to our clients.

Case Study: Project Koala

Corporate Source


Houston, Texas

Project Koala, a global tax services firm based in Dallas, partnered with Corporate Source to modernize their work environment and promote employee wellness and productivity. Corporate Source installed 190 workstations, 92 offices, and multiple conference and collaboration areas in just three weeks, using Contract Furniture’s height-adjustable desks for the entire workforce.
The desks allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing, promoting a healthy work environment. The new furniture also emphasizes teamwork and provides the spaces people need to do their best work.

Despite pandemic-related supply chain issues, Corporate Source’s ability to synchronize the furniture installation with the renovation schedule ensured that Project Koala’s investment paid off. The new work environment resulted in improved employee satisfaction and productivity, leading to better client service excellence, workplace innovation, and employee development. Corporate Source has been Project Koala’s sole furniture provider for their US and Canadian offices since 2009, delivering quality furniture products and services even in challenging times.

Case Study: Project Louis

Corporate Source


Louisville, Kentucky

Project Louis, a company specializing in customer operations, needed a new space in Louisville that would consolidate their operations and empower their workforce with a functional yet elegant design. Corporate Source undertook the multi-phased project, including demo, build-out, furniture installation, and AV and security.

They utilized Contract Furniture products to meet these requirements and created private offices with flexible solutions to meet today’s needs. They also emphasized wellness, breakrooms, and quiet rooms for employee well-being.

The project was presented after a rigorous bidding process with competing contract furniture manufacturers. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic putting the project on hold, Corporate Source regrouped with the furniture vendor and worked closely with Project Louis and stakeholders to keep the project moving forward.

This case study highlights the importance of functional design in creating a workplace that meets employees’ needs and the benefits of collaboration. The successful project led to a long-lasting relationship between Corporate Source and Contract Furniture.

Case Study: Project Attract

Office Furniture Plus


Irving, Texas

Project Attract, a rapidly growing company, faced the challenge of accommodating its existing and future workforce in a larger, more functional office space.

To achieve this, the company built a new Irving facility in 2019, aiming to provide an attractive and efficient office space that would satisfy and attract new talent.

Office Furniture Plus was engaged to determine the office furniture that would meet the needs of the existing and future workforce. The new office space features Contract Furniture, with height-adjustable desks, personal filing and wardrobe combinations, dual monitor arms, and desktop power modules for each employee, providing them with a comfortable and functional workspace.

Project Attract also emphasized employee health and well-being, providing a comfortable atmosphere in the break rooms, lounge room, and mother’s room. Office Furniture Plus provided high-quality, finely tailored lounge chairs that blend functionality and comfort while keeping the colors and patterned fabric fun and inviting.

Case Study: Project Rose

Office Furniture Plus


Texas, Georiga, Tennessee, Arizona

Project Rose, a luxury RV dealership with locations across the country, partnered with Office Furniture Plus to achieve a high-quality and consistent look throughout their offices.

In 2020/2021, Project Rose constructed a new facility in Lewisville, Texas, where Office Furniture Plus designed and installed all-glass cubicles incorporating the company’s signature blue logo color throughout the building. In early 2023, Project Rose renovated their Lawrenceville, Georgia location, and Office Furniture Plus provided all new furniture for the renovation in two phases.

In March 2023, Project Rose’s Lebanon, Tennessee location underwent extensive renovation, with Office Furniture Plus providing new furniture for the entire space. Currently, Project Rose’s Surprise, Arizona location is undergoing a renovation, with Office Furniture Plus once again providing all new furniture and expert installation services.

Through its partnership with Office Furniture Plus, Project Rose has achieved its expansion and renovation goals while maintaining a high-quality, consistent look across all locations.

Case Study: Project Broom

Move Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Move Solutions recently handled the office relocation of Project Broom from Austin to Dallas, Texas. This complex project involved tasks such as move planning, relocation, transportation, final cleaning, and team services.

Move Solutions’ multi-phase move plan included disconnecting monitors from 350 employees, disconnecting and reconnecting 1,150 employees’ computer systems, and deinstalling and loading out 1,300 workstations and 90 private office sets.

After providing a final clean of the origin space, Move Solutions transported and installed the workstations and office sets in a location yet to be determined in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Move Solutions also provided design team services, CAD and installation drawings for the reinstallation of the workstations and private office sets.

The project’s success highlights Move Solutions’ ability to handle complex relocations, its commitment to communication with clients, and its attention to detail. The case study showcases Move Solutions’ professionalism, reliability, and expertise in providing comprehensive moving and logistics services.

Case Study: Project Boston

Move Solutions


Boston, Massachusetts

Project Boston, a global tax services firm with headquarters in Dallas, needed to relocate and acquire new furniture for their new location in Burlington, Massachusetts in early 2022. The project was time-sensitive, with a decommissioning and installation deadline of one to two days.

Move Solutions provided move planning, relocation, furniture installation, and decommissioning services, completing the project within one to two days. However, unforeseen construction delays on move day caused a revision of the plan.

Move Solutions worked with Project Boston’s contractors to resync the project timeline and meet their completion date. Move Solutions relocated and installed various items, including office furniture and equipment. They also installed cubicles, desks, chairs, file cabinets, and miscellaneous metal shelving.

Since 2009, Move Solutions has been Project Boston’s only provider for national moves, adds, changes, and project services for their US and Canadian offices. This project demonstrates Move Solutions’ commitment to delivering exceptional office moving and logistics services.

Case Study: Project Efficiency

TechTeam Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Project Efficiency, a leading healthcare company, completed a complex 12-month IT project to enhance its productivity, which involved upgrading and remodeling over 2,000 PCs across multiple floors.

TechTeam Solutions carefully planned the project with meticulous attention to detail to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition. The team photographed and labeled all items at each end-user’s desk, packed personal contents for temporary storage, and kept an inventory of all IT items prepped for staging in the basement.

After furniture teardown and floor remodeling, TechTeam Solutions returned to the site, retrieved all inventory from the basement, and placed all items at the station, followed by reconnects with cable management, testing, and connectivity.

Despite facing significant obstacles, such as non-aligned stations and COVID-19 screening and testing requirements, TechTeam Solutions delivered a successful outcome. Dedication, expertise, and meticulous planning ensured a smooth transition from the old system to the new one, meeting all of the client’s objectives.

Case Study: Project Bank

TechTeam Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Project Bank, a financial institution, successfully replaced nearly 300 old stations with new height-adjustable desks for their end-users with the help of TechTeam Solutions.

The project was completed on time and with minimal disruptions to the bank’s operations due to the team’s careful planning and execution.

The scope of work included inventory, labeling, and prepping for disconnects, as well as unmounting monitors and staging equipment for the move.

After the team returned for the reconnecting and testing phase, an issue arose regarding the incompatibility of power strips for the old stations with the new ones.

However, TechTeam Solutions identified a solution, and the project was completed successfully and the client was pleased.

The success of this project resulted in TechTeam Solutions being awarded another branch to work on for Project Bank. This project exemplifies the importance of a systematic approach, attention to detail, and precise execution in achieving the client’s objectives.

Case Study: Project Law

Furniture Services Now


Addison, Texas

Furniture Services Now recently completed a multifaceted project for a prominent law firm, Project Law. The project involved moving the law firm, their law library, case goods, and modular furniture, as well as coordinating furniture services within the customer’s specified timeframe and construction delays.

Furniture Services Now worked closely with the customer to determine the precise materials and stain finishes required to meet their demands, resulting in exemplary reupholstery and outstanding refinishing work.

The lobby lounge chairs required extensive labor, with each chair taking 20 hours to complete. The four chairs were upholstered with a beautiful CF Stinson Ritz 65195 Gull fabric, carefully selected to match the overall aesthetic of the law firm’s new space.

The office lounge chairs were no less demanding, with each chair requiring 10 hours of skilled labor. Furniture Services Now’s refinishing work was equally outstanding, resulting in the customer being highly impressed with the quality of the work.

Case Study: Project Education

Office Boy


Dallas, Texas

After a tornado caused significant damage to Project Education, a medical education institution in Dallas, the institution needed to replace its training tables and chairs quickly to continue its classes and training sessions.

Office Boy, quickly responded to the request, bringing in 50 training tables and over 100 chairs at no cost to the university. This allowed Project Education to continue their courses and training without major disruptions.

Once Project Education received their new furniture, Office Boy promptly delivered and installed it in the damaged buildings, replacing the loaner furniture that was provided earlier. The loaner furniture was then picked up, and the university’s regular furniture was restored.

Thanks to the quick actions of Office Boy, Project Education was able to continue with most of its scheduled agenda with minimal downtime. This case highlights the importance of a strong customer-supplier relationship, particularly in times of crisis, and demonstrates Office Boy’s commitment to its customers.

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