TechTeam Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Project Bank, a financial institution, successfully replaced nearly 300 old stations with new height-adjustable desks for their end-users with the help of TechTeam Solutions.

The project was completed on time and with minimal disruptions to the bank’s operations due to the team’s careful planning and execution.

The scope of work included inventory, labeling, and prepping for disconnects, as well as unmounting monitors and staging equipment for the move.

After the team returned for the reconnecting and testing phase, an issue arose regarding the incompatibility of power strips for the old stations with the new ones.

However, TechTeam Solutions identified a solution, and the project was completed successfully and the client was pleased.

The success of this project resulted in TechTeam Solutions being awarded another branch to work on for Project Bank. This project exemplifies the importance of a systematic approach, attention to detail, and precise execution in achieving the client’s objectives.