Our Expertise

People, Teams, Geographic Reach; the strength of the Total Office Solutions Family of Companies.

Whether your need is local or national, our people, our teams of the Total Office Solutions Family of Companies, are the very heartbeat of our success. They represent the decades of experienced tenure, coupled with modern expertise in everything to do with Office Furniture and Office Moving, that makes up for your need or to fill in what you just don’t know that you don’t know.

Your account manager is your first point of contact, meeting with you, listening for your needs, replying with timely and accurate freed proposal. On larger projects, our proposal tells you far more than just “money”. It includes schedule detail, alternatives, suggestions and more. Account managers and their support staff often work hand in hand with commercial real estate, A&D, independent project managers for your project’s success.

From background screening to quality work ethics, expect only the best and most qualified when it comes to our team of professional movers, installers, drivers and warehouse workers.

Our growing teams, numbered at 400 people, each represent a family that we serve. With our industry-leading TechEnabled “BrassTacks” CRM, operating across all Total Office Solutions platforms, they support you with a completely transparent 24/7 “anywhere” NOW set of process adherent tools.

Professional Affiliations

As a leader in the office relocation industry, Move Solutions supports the following industry affiliations.





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