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One Call, One Contact Many Solutions.

Our family of companies, easily accessed through a single point of contact, enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to your evolving needs. This provides you with awesome resources, and complete transparency in a timely manner.

Our systematic approach to planning, furnishing, equipping, or moving your office includes project managers who understand all aspects of how you work today. They are cross trained in all of our service groups and can coordinate support from one or any combination to achieve your objectives.

Our project managers coordinate every step of your office move for total peace of mind no matter how many companies or offices you have anywhere, saving you time and money in the process. Our project managers work with your leadership and team to establish lines of communication and peace of mind. They marry a broad range of resources to the environment for an efficient, successful project.

A Focus On Your Needs

Our team works alongside yours to coordinate “ALL“ of your furniture and relocation needs; ensuring your projects success.

We work with you to make the most efficient use of your new space and everything you bring to your new facility.

Your relocation is strategically planned right down to the last detail, leaving you stress-free and ready to relocate with ease.

Total Office Solutions BrassTacks© CRM; Our Tech-Enabled Process Engine

Brass Tacks is our proprietary information management system we perfected and customized precisely for our industry and applications. It helps ensure that all participants have real time access to the latest data on demand and streamlines project management with concise detail.

The combination of experienced professionals and tools like Brass Tacks reduces complexity, orchestrates the critical sequence and timing of every step, and keeps goals in clear and constant view.

Whether you are purchasing new furniture, moving and reconnecting an IT infrastructure, or relocating entire facilities across the country, our commitment to planning and process empowers us to take on any challenge. Excellence in project management is the essence of the Total Office Solutions Companies.

Your Trusted Partner for Logistic and Industrial Storage, Receiving/Delivering, and Inventory Management “Anywhere”©

No matter the size or scale—you’ve got a need for industrial storage, and Total Office Solutions provides a solution that suits your needs. With both long-term and project-driven options, an exceptional team, and a dedicated fleet, TOS supports your project fully insured, secured, and with 24/7 access to your assets, “Anywhere”© you need them.

Any Size, “Anywhere”© Storage

Storage space of any size is available to you across the country through our OMA partnerships.

Moving Transition Point

We are your temporary handling dock. We receive the goods and deliver them when the space is ready.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Renting office space or getting your own industrial space can be costly. Save money on storage with TOS.

Fulfillment of Goods

Our local and national distribution handling facilities serve as the reliable and secure locations to manage assets.

24/7 Security and Monitoring

On site security around the clock—trained personnel, cameras, door sensors, lock gates, and more.

Trade Show/Event Storage

We’ll house trade show booths, marketing materials, boxes, and assets you need to keep off site.



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