The relocation process can often seem daunting, stressful, and hectic. Not only are you relocating to a new space, but you’re now tasked with setting up and organizing your new space for your business and its employees.

With Corporate Source, we take on the difficult task or setting up your new facility for you. We’re proud to offer a stellar array of services which efficiently and effectively organize your new space, leaving you more time to focus on your business and less time stressing over a complicated organization project.

Our professional and experienced teams organize your space into a collaborative and agile one, ensuring the furnishings, equipment and space is set up with your preferences and business needs in mind. We organize your space to maximize workspace efficiency.

We work with you, paying close attention to your needs and design preferences, and implement a design plan according to your desired business environment. Our clients benefit from our experience rendering options for layout, design, furnishings, finishings, fabrics, and other workspace aesthetics, offering a plethora of services which make relocating and setting up your new space more than just pleasant; we make it simple and convenient. From refurbishing and refinishing to cleaning, touch-ups and upholstery, your new space will be organized and ready for use in no time.

Our clients love our complimentary concierge and client support, relying on our dedicated team of support professionals to provide unique services which make relocation an ease, such as leadership follow-up and project tracking software. We ensure you’re included in your entire relocation process for a smooth, swift and pleasurable experience.