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Your Business is Moving and Your Space Needs to Be Lease Compliant

Your lease requires an empty space return to the landlord. What do you do with your excess assets? It’s time for an integrated move, that includes an excess asset repurpose plan. Liquidation and Decommission are two tasks that are interconnected to each other. Our experienced team is specialized in planning and executing many cost-effective options to create the best results.

Serving Your Liquidation Needs “Anywhere”©

We ask the right questions and listen closely to guide the outcome.

We create and provide a full inventory list of your excess assets with photos.

We finalize and provide a liquidation and removal proposal.

We plan, review, and execute a plan including scheduling.

Serving Your Decommission Needs “Anywhere”©

After you have moved and we have cleared your origin space of your old, excess assets, there is still work to be done: decommissioning your space. Decommissioning your space means that your lease document specifies the physical condition of the space, when you return it, that qualifies as lease compliant.

Cleaning, ceiling tile repair, relamping, dry wall repair, removing all low-voltage cabling from plenum areas; anything that is more than “normal wear and tear” will need to be attended to. Trusting us to decommission your space allows you to focus on your business and your customers. At Furniture Services Now, our job is to make sure you are served well again and again.

Furniture Solutions Now returns your space to your landlord broom-clean and lease-compliant!

  • Furniture Analysis
  • e-Waste Analysis
  • Asset Appraisal
  • Asset Removal
  • Repurpose/Recycle
  • Touch Ups/Repair
  • Recarpeting/Retiling
  • Repainting
  • Relamping
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Cable Removal
  • Final Clean

Furniture/Interiors Repair and Maintenance Programs

Whether it’s 10 chairs or 10,000 chairs, we’ve got you covered! For 35+ years, Furniture Services Now has offered our clients services and solutions to ensure their workspaces operate and function at peak performance. We save our clients money while blending existing pieces with your new. Furniture Services Now is the industry leader when it comes to office furniture repairs. Our exceptional work reverses the wear and tear of any office or business.

Furniture Repair Services for ALL Types of Commercial Buildings and Industries.

  • Regional and District Offices
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail Operations Facilities
  • Hotels/Lodging
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities
  • Education/School Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Government Buildings
  • Warehouses/Storage Buildings
  • Entertainment/Event Spaces
    …And So Much More!

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