COVID-19 Management Process Tools

COVID-19: The Total Office Solutions family of companies mourns normal times with you at this time. In differing ways, some tragically personal, we have all suffered loss though this Pandemic. It is a global issue; we seem to be living in the midst of a science fiction novel. Please know that we are being smart, capable, persistent in all that we are doing to protect your teams and our teams alike while serving you.

We are an approved “essential service supplier”; serving you still in every way. We have optimized our policy and practice set to meet CDC recommendations AND to implement the practical, functional practices that we are learning together. Our first priority in serving your essential needs is your safety, the safety of our workmates and the safety of our own supply chain. With that said, our next priority is to do our part in our country and communities “essential needs” supply chain support.

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TOS COVID-19 Policy

TOS COVID-19 Response Review

How to Wear a Mask

TOS Wash Your Hands

Stop The Spread Of Germs At Work

Stop The Spread Of Germs

COVID-19 What You Need To Know

COVID-19 What if You Are Sick w/ Coronavirus

TOS COVID-19 Share The Facts

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