Move Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Move Solutions recently handled the office relocation of Project Broom from Austin to Dallas, Texas. This complex project involved tasks such as move planning, relocation, transportation, final cleaning, and team services.

Move Solutions’ multi-phase move plan included disconnecting monitors from 350 employees, disconnecting and reconnecting 1,150 employees’ computer systems, and deinstalling and loading out 1,300 workstations and 90 private office sets.

After providing a final clean of the origin space, Move Solutions transported and installed the workstations and office sets in a location yet to be determined in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Move Solutions also provided design team services, CAD and installation drawings for the reinstallation of the workstations and private office sets.

The project’s success highlights Move Solutions’ ability to handle complex relocations, its commitment to communication with clients, and its attention to detail. The case study showcases Move Solutions’ professionalism, reliability, and expertise in providing comprehensive moving and logistics services.

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