TechTeam Solutions


Dallas, Texas

Project Efficiency, a leading healthcare company, completed a complex 12-month IT project to enhance its productivity, which involved upgrading and remodeling over 2,000 PCs across multiple floors.

TechTeam Solutions carefully planned the project with meticulous attention to detail to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition. The team photographed and labeled all items at each end-user’s desk, packed personal contents for temporary storage, and kept an inventory of all IT items prepped for staging in the basement.

After furniture teardown and floor remodeling, TechTeam Solutions returned to the site, retrieved all inventory from the basement, and placed all items at the station, followed by reconnects with cable management, testing, and connectivity.

Despite facing significant obstacles, such as non-aligned stations and COVID-19 screening and testing requirements, TechTeam Solutions delivered a successful outcome. Dedication, expertise, and meticulous planning ensured a smooth transition from the old system to the new one, meeting all of the client’s objectives.