Corporate Source


Houston, Texas

Project Koala, a global tax services firm based in Dallas, partnered with Corporate Source to modernize their work environment and promote employee wellness and productivity. Corporate Source installed 190 workstations, 92 offices, and multiple conference and collaboration areas in just three weeks, using Contract Furniture’s height-adjustable desks for the entire workforce.
The desks allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing, promoting a healthy work environment. The new furniture also emphasizes teamwork and provides the spaces people need to do their best work.

Despite pandemic-related supply chain issues, Corporate Source’s ability to synchronize the furniture installation with the renovation schedule ensured that Project Koala’s investment paid off. The new work environment resulted in improved employee satisfaction and productivity, leading to better client service excellence, workplace innovation, and employee development. Corporate Source has been Project Koala’s sole furniture provider for their US and Canadian offices since 2009, delivering quality furniture products and services even in challenging times.