Furniture Services Now


Addison, Texas

Furniture Services Now recently completed a multifaceted project for a prominent law firm, Project Law. The project involved moving the law firm, their law library, case goods, and modular furniture, as well as coordinating furniture services within the customer’s specified timeframe and construction delays.

Furniture Services Now worked closely with the customer to determine the precise materials and stain finishes required to meet their demands, resulting in exemplary reupholstery and outstanding refinishing work.

The lobby lounge chairs required extensive labor, with each chair taking 20 hours to complete. The four chairs were upholstered with a beautiful CF Stinson Ritz 65195 Gull fabric, carefully selected to match the overall aesthetic of the law firm’s new space.

The office lounge chairs were no less demanding, with each chair requiring 10 hours of skilled labor. Furniture Services Now’s refinishing work was equally outstanding, resulting in the customer being highly impressed with the quality of the work.

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