Office Furniture Plus


Irving, Texas

Project Attract, a rapidly growing company, faced the challenge of accommodating its existing and future workforce in a larger, more functional office space.

To achieve this, the company built a new Irving facility in 2019, aiming to provide an attractive and efficient office space that would satisfy and attract new talent.

Office Furniture Plus was engaged to determine the office furniture that would meet the needs of the existing and future workforce. The new office space features Contract Furniture, with height-adjustable desks, personal filing and wardrobe combinations, dual monitor arms, and desktop power modules for each employee, providing them with a comfortable and functional workspace.

Project Attract also emphasized employee health and well-being, providing a comfortable atmosphere in the break rooms, lounge room, and mother’s room. Office Furniture Plus provided high-quality, finely tailored lounge chairs that blend functionality and comfort while keeping the colors and patterned fabric fun and inviting.