PC Disconnect, Reconnect Services, Tech Inventory Services, Tech Decommissioning Services

We offer Dallas and the surrounding DFW Metroplex a one stop solution for all your voice and data cabling, PC disconnect / reconnect, server relocation, IT equipment receiving, inventory needs. Our installers have the experience and expertise to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling, as well as the installation and service of business phone systems and VoIP phone systems.

PC Disconnect/Reconnect and Computer Moving Expertise

Moving your Personal Office Computers and other Office Tech Equipment is a complicated job that requires expertise. With TechTeam Solutions, our goal is to provide you with a process driven care-free move of all your technical equipment. TechTeam Solutions will work with you to create a meshed schedule, then will perform to that schedule. We are completely transparent, and flexible, while performing our services to schedule.

Whether you have a few dozen computers to move or hundreds of computers and work stations we can have a team who is organized and professional plan your next move. Every one of our TechTeam Solutions movers are experienced experts in their field and take care of your equipment to make sure all your tech moving needs are met.

Computer Moving Services

  • Disconnect Computers
  • Reconnect Computers
  • Reconfigure Workstation Computers
  • Cable Organizing
  • Computer Workstation Setup
  • Receive, Stage, Install Monitor Arms

IT Moving Expertise

Move IT and your technology equipment the right way with our Custom IT Moving and Trucking services. Technology equipment has special requirements. When relocating your business, use our expert movers to protect your companies investment and move things the right way. Computers and Electronics Shipping, Industrial and Corporate Relocation Services, Full Domestic and International Equipment Shipping Service, Air Ride Trucking Equipment, Packaging alternatives including Packing and Crating, Bubble Wrap and Blanket Wrap, Custom Transportation Logistics Delivery Options Incorporate Same Day, Overnight and Economy Shipping Service, Free Freight Company Quotes and Freight Quote Options, Asset Tracking, Full Logistics Moving Company Services, Shipping Insurance choices.

We have a team with experience in all kinds of office and PC / Server relocations and we can make sure your move is executed with precision and have your business up and running again quickly.

IT Moving Services

  • IT Equipment Receiving
  • IT Inventory
  • IT Unpack & Placement
  • IT Cable Organizing
  • IT Rack Setup

Server Migration Services Specialists

With years of experience with server relocation we have the expertise to carry out your server relocation project flawlessly freeing you up to take care of other mission critical tasks related to the move and relocation of your IT system.

We are a leader in office moving / tech moving projects. We are specialists in server migration services. We will walk you through the process the whole way with a clear plan laid out and a project manager making sure you hit all the key milestones in your server relocation checklist. Contact us today for a free quote on what we at techteam solutions can do to help facilitate the integral part of your IT department with a server relocation.

Server Relocation Services

  • Cabling Project Design
  • General Contractor Data
  • Cabling Coordination
  • Server Relocation
  • Project Management
  • Air Ride Transport

New Equipment Receipt, Inventory Management, Old Equipment Removal, New Equipment Installation

Updating your workstation tooling at the end-user level? TechTeam can work with you to provide service that accounts for receiving, storage, and inventory management of your new workstations and equipment. We can manage the removal of the old equipment, and the placement and installation of the new equipment. We work with your IT Group to plan and coordinate all delivery and technical installation activities; includes all packaging disposal, all equipment disposal with destruction certification, and all first-level testing of function on the network primary interface

Shredding, eWaste Disposal

Every office move includes the adage “Don’t pay to move trash.” Think of the sadness of paying your office mover to “just move everything,” only to realize what is trash as it comes off the truck and has no place in your new business home.

It is essential that you think through what you dispose of relative to security, privacy, and business “secrets.” TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions help you with all of that; we have “been there” thousands of times to your one. We offer scheduled and supervised privacy destruction, whether documents, electronic equipment, or objects. When electronics have been cleansed of data, Move Solutions and Renewed Solutions then disposes of them in a sustainable and responsible manner.

TechTeam Solutions and Move Solutions offers purging equipment and services for your use BEFORE the move. Gondolas, purging bins, insertion of the activity into the master schedule; all are important to you reducing your move expense in a expense-conscious and responsible manner.

So, LET’S REDUCE YOUR OFFICE MOVING EXPENSE by reducing what you move to what you will need after you have moved.

Low Voltage Cabling Installation and Removal

Valuable broadband data signal delivery is key to our technology provisioning during the business relocation process. Whether assisting with coaching of suppliers, fiber entry, MDF, IDF cable entry to patch panel cable distribution to workstations, distribution of those services via a complete Wi-Fi provisioning plan, we work to ensure that move day includes “it all works” to you and your end users.

When your lease period is done, when it is time to return your lease space to your landlord in lease compliant condition, we carefully identify your existing cable, remove all terminations, remove all cable from all air exchange plenum areas, remove all cable ladders, equipment racks, etc. Your landlord expects a “white box” lease space when you leave. We make sure that that landlord gets that per your lease so that you can collect your lease deposit; leave a great property manager attitude behind you.